Resetter Epson L565 Printer

How to reset ink level Epson L565, First of all Make sure that all the tubes are filled with ink, the ink content if there is one tube that is minimal, should fill it up, if it is in check, Please Enter Your Printer Menu, There There are several Options Options, Select Configuration Then Press Ok
How to reset epson L565
Then go to Maintenance and select the Ink Level Reset menu. Then Information will appear, fill in ink cartridge with ink then press OK to continue.
When finished, then the information appears. There are 4 choices: C (Cyan), M (Magenta), Y (Yellow) and Bk (Black). Please choose one of the ink we want to reset and then press OK
Now we have successfully reset the ink level on the Epson L565 printer. Usually after this stage we do then the status of the printer monitor will return full, other than that the printer will do Head Cleaning process automatically. So once again make sure that the ink carts are not empty.