How To Reset Ink Level Epson L350

How to reset ink level L350 EPSON printer is actually quite easy, but for those who are confused because the first use of this type of printer would definitely look for a utility or tool to reset the reset or program errors with a red LED indicator lights illuminate.

If we look at the monitor printer status message says "Its time to reset the ink level", please differentiated by waste ink pad, let me not be mistaken his error. If we click on the "How To" we will be asked to fill with genuine Epson ink until the ink level corresponding to the ink tank. Although it has been filled with ink but the red light remains on continuously and can not be used to print / print.
Reset Ink Level Epson L350
How to cope with pressing the triangle button in red circle one alone can solve this problem, without the need for any software resetter.

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If this way does not work, try the other way.

- First turn on the printer
- Press the Resume button for 5 seconds then release.
- Then press the Resume button for 3 seconds and then off again.
- Press the button again resume quickly.

Done, now you can use your printer as normal.