How to Reset Cartridge HP

HP printer will not print if one or both of the cartridge indicator light flashes, if only flame but still can not blink. Even if you can, it must begin a self-test first, then after going to print out the results of the new self test results following his exit as well.

How to reset HP D1050 / D2000
  • Turn on the printer, wait for the initialization process is complete.
  • Open and close the cover, the cartridge and the cartridge will automatically into the middle.
  • Remove the cartridge from the house 802 black cartridge.
  • Then unplug the power cord, cartridge in a state still in the midst.
  • When the off position, reinsert the cartridge 802 black, but remember! Used to clean the cartridge that runs out at last refill with clean paper towels, who knows still no trace of ink has been spilled, pin contact section should also be clean should not be any residual ink or other debris. Remember! 802 
  • Black refil its default printer only 3ml max. if most of the suction again.
  • Slide your hand (manual) cartridge along with the house to the left
  • Close the back cover of the cartridge.
  • Replace the power cord and USB, restart the printer.
  • DONE
reset HP

To test the manual follow these steps:
For self test print, press and hold the power button is not released yet, immediately press the cancel button (X) 1 times and immediate release, followed by a loose power button.