How To Reset Canon MG2570 Error 5B00

Canon MG2570 printer is a new variant of Canon, which MG2570 printer is no different from the previous series, which still must be requested at the counter full reset if ic. This printer is not designed for the office, but for home. If it used to work, then you will often resetting the printer to be used, because the use of a very congested in the office.
Resetter software for the MG2570 has not available. Resetter V3400 is unable to reset the MG2570 error 5B00.

We have to replace one component in mainboad namely IC 508wp. This IC is IC counter that serves to calculate how MG2570 printer is printing. If the prediction is already full, it must be reset to zero again. Actually, no need to replace this ic 508WP Resetter if you have it, or you have the tools to program the ic counter this 508wp that can be populated with data to zero again. Since the second way is still there, then it means that the most reliable at this time is to replace this 508WP IC, the IC counter.

Reset Canon MG2570
Here's how to overcome the error 5B00 MG2570:
1. Remove the printer board
2. Replace the IC508 that is in the back of the MG2570 Board Error 5B00, with a new IC that can be purchased at electronics stores or put from the same printer.
3. Remove Replace 508WP IC, using Solder Steam / Blower.
4. Finish, Posting Board, raft printer, ready to try.

Good Luck