Mptool 0.9.6 | Resetter MP150 - MP160 - MP170 - MP180 - MP450 - MP460

MPTool software can be used for for Canon MP series. Canon MP's supported by the MPTool software are MP150, MP160, MP170, MP180, MP450 and MP460.
Easy to use MPTool and no installation required to use as known as portable sofware. Just run MPTool from your storage disk using Windows Explorer.
Download Mptool 0.9.6 for Printer Canon MP 150, 160, 170, 180, 450, 460 then run it.
Subsection Reset Counter and Ink Counter
- Reset Black – Reset ink level on the black cartridge.
- Reset Color – Reset Ink level on all color cartridges.

Subsection Reset Counter – Waste Ink Counter
- Reset Main – Reset waste ink counter on the Canon MP printer.
- Reset Platen – Additional reset waste ink counter on the Canon MP printer.

EEPROM operations to read, write or erase printer EEPROM.