Reset ink level printer Canon MX308

Step by step reset the ink level printer Canon MX308, also work fine on other canon MX300 series.
  • Disconnect power cable
  • Connect it while holding down the power button.
  • With the power button still down, press twice the "Cancel/Stop" red button.
  • Release power button.
  • Printes turns into a kind of factory mode (wait for about 10 seconds, untils it says “Idle”)
  • Press ">" (next to "OK" button) once "Shipping Mode 3"
  • Press "OK" button.
  • Press "OK" again for "Without cleaning"
Reset Canon MX308
  • A test page will print.
  • Open printer cover, like you are about to change the cartridges.
  • Disconnect the power cable again.
  • Take out both cartridges.
  • Close printer cover.
  • Connect power cable once again.
  • Turn printer on.
  • Put the cartridges back